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Ensembles - Keyboard Ensemble/Theory Workshops

Keyboard Ensemble/Theory Workshops

Open to students who are currently taking private piano lessons (Suzuki or Traditional) at CCSM. All students are strongly encouraged to enroll, but are not required to do so. Private lessons are coordinated with student’s private instructor. Seven meetings are held in the Keyboard Lab where the elements of music and reading skills are practiced through games and activities. Students learn to play together following a steady beat. Workshops meet national standards for music education in theory, music appreciation, history and composition. Three Performance Workshops are held in the Recital Hall. This class is a year long commitment.

Class Size: Min 4 / Max 8

Instructor: Marna Makau Location: Room 22

12 Sessions Sept - June Material Fee: $20 (Book, handouts, awards, aids)

Tuition: $21/Mo. $63/Qtr. $189/Full

SATURDAY             Start Time:  End Time:

Beginners - 3 to 4 years 11:00am 11:50pm

Beginners - 5 to 7 years 12:00pm 12:50pm

Level I - 6 to 8 years        1:00pm 1:50pm

Level II - 7 to 10 years     2:00pm 2:50pm

Level III - 8 to 12 years    3:00pm 3:50pm

Level IV - 9 to 14 years   4:00pm 4:50pm

Level V - 10 to 18 years   5:00pm 5:50pm

Note: Age of student may be outside of that listed in consultation with instructor.

7 Workshops (Sat. Room 22): Sept 23, Oct 21, Nov 11, Jan 20, March 17,

Apr 14, May 12

3 Perf. Workshops (Sat. Huff & Watts Hall): Dec 16, Feb 24, Jun 2

2 Performances (Sun. Huff & Watts Hall): Dec 17 (4pm), June 3 (4pm)

SATURDAY             Start Time:   End Time:

Level VI - 10 to 18 years TBA     TBA

10 Workshops (Sat. Makau Studio): Sept 16, Oct 14, Nov 4, Dec 9, Jan 13,

Feb 17, March 10, April 21, May 5th, June 9

2 Performances (Sun. Huff & Watts Hall): Dec 17 (4pm), June 3 (4pm)

Year long commitment. Must be taking private lessons as well.
Hours & Sessions
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Tuition Payment:
$30 Family Registration Fee
$20 Individual Registration Fee
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