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Ensembles - Homeschool & Charter Violin Workshop

Violin Charter Workshops (Charter & Homeschool) -- Ages 5+

This workshop is designed for children taking private violin lessons. The group setting is an essential component of learning an instrument, an opportunity to learn skills that can’t be learned in private lessons. Through musical games and activities, children will develop ensemble and leadership skills, practice and refine violin technique, learn rhythm and conducting, and gain experience performing in front of an audience. While violin skills are learned in the one-to-one private setting, the group environment allows students to learn essential musicianship skills in a fun and motivational way, and students love coming to group class to play with their friends! Concurrent enrollment in private lessons with Ms. Wendy Waggener required.

Class Size: Min 4 / Max 12

Instructor: Wendy Waggener Location: Room 17 (Watts Hall)

FALL - 10 Sessions Tuition $200 Material Fee: $0

Wed 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. Dates: Sep 13 - Nov. 15

WINTER - 10 Sessions Tuition $200 Material Fee: $0

Wed 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m Dates: Jan 17 - Mar 21

SPRING - 10 Sessions Tuition $200 Material Fee: $0

Wed 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m Dates: March 28 - June 6 (No class April 4th)

Homeschool and Charter Violin Students
Hours & Sessions
Wed. 11:00am - 12:00pm
Material Fee
Tuition Payment:
$30 Family Registration Fee
$20 Individual Registration Fee
$0 Registration Fee Previously Paid
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