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Giving Back and Making a Difference

Dear Friends,

What an exciting time to be a student at CCSM! With new programs and new faculty the school is enjoying a period of unprecedented growth.

Contributions to CCSM's Annual Fund have been an essential element in keeping pace with this growth. Over the past few years CCSM has added a number of world-class artist/teachers to the faculty; as a result, applications for admission have soared and our students are more talented than ever. The Annual Fund provides CCSM with the financial resources to continue to attract and retain teachers, meet rising operating costs and provide financial aid to those in need.

Please consider what the gift of music means to each of us. Music fills our lives every day; it brings us joy, it brings us consolation, it tells stories and speaks of things that words cannot capture. Music is a universal language embraced by all peoples on the earth -- it is simply an essential part of who we are.

Claremont Community School of Music plays an indispensable role in advancing the cause of music. On behalf of the students and faculty who are the direct beneficiaries, thank you in advance for your investment in this exceptional school.


Claremont Community School of Music

P.S. Your tax-deductible gift helps ensure that CCSM has a successful year. Thank you